The MMpredict consortium has reached a new milestone in this project by completing the recruitment of the patient samples required in this project. With more than 800 myeloma samples recruited, the project team meets its aimed target population. The current efforts will now be focused on completing the genetic analysis of the obtained study material. During this stage, tumour heterogeneity (i.e. the differences between people’s myeloma) and the patient’s intrinsic characteristics will be investigated.

By analysing the samples gathered, the consortium aims to explore correlations between the genetic characteristics of the samples, treatment responses and side-effects. In the longer term, these results could help doctors to choose the best treatment for each individual patient and reduce side-effects while improving treatment efficacy. Ultimately, the final goal of the MMPredict project is to develop a tool that predicts the most effective treatment strategy for each individual myeloma patient, thereby improving health outcomes, preventing side-effects and reducing healthcare costs.


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